The most frequent male diseases

How serious specific men’s diseases are? The main difference with the common diseases in men is that they all affect the reproductive system and can lead to a violation of sexual function.


Almost all men are familiar with such a specialty as andrology. This is a section of urology that deals with the problems of male genital health. Male diseases include anomalies in the development of genital organs, which are considered congenital and genetically conditioned. An important place is occupied by inflammatory diseases of male genital organs (prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc.), traumas of the scrotum and penis, neoplasms (benign prostatic adenoma and malignant tumors like prostate cancer) of the genital organs. Male diseases lead to a decrease in sexual and reproductive functions.
The most frequent male diseases

The social significance of male diseases is high because they often cause of divorce and, in the end, lead to a decrease in the birth rate. Andrology is currently being handled by professionals of many professions – sexopathologists, gynecologists, dermatovenerologists, and others. Although andrology is not only the treatment of prostatitis or male infertility, in some cases, andrological support will require surgical intervention (for example, the resumption of the vas deferens, phalloprosthesis (prosthetics of the penis), etc. Of course, in this area, there are enough drugs: starting with Viagra and its analogs (Levitra, Cialis, etc.) ending with more powerful antibiotics, which are used by various methods.


Doctors say that in recent days, more and more often, there are various male illnesses among young people. Various reasons contribute to this. For example, pathogenic bacteria or trauma can cause illness. Note that male diseases can affect the prostate gland, testicles, urethra or the penis itself. Still, there are ailments that affect the skin of the penis. All diseases need timely treatment. Otherwise, the disease can lead to complications or decreased libido. Doctors have an opinion that for the treatment of diseases of the male genital organs, it is necessary to resort to medical therapy. Exceptions are the ailments that are resulted by injuries.

To treat these diseases of male genital organs, doctors resort to medical therapy. If the patient’s condition does not improve, the treatment should be supplemented with antibiotic drugs. In addition to drug therapy, the patient is assigned bed rest and an intake of anti-inflammatory drugs. If the diagnosis has revealed that the cause of the disease is uropathogenic, the patient is assigned one more complex diagnosis. It will help avoid relapse and to improve the urinary system.

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