Interesting facts about men’s health

Men’s health is more fragile than women’s. Women by nature have better health, but despite this, they often go to the doctor (more than 60% of all medical visits are connected with women).

This is primarily due to the stereotype of the masculinity of the stronger gender, because of which they cannot complain about health and any other problems but take Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs silently and without a prescription.

General information

  • men are more difficult to tolerate high blood pressure compared to women, although they suffer less often
  • men eat incorrectly more often – their diet is dominated by fatty, salty, fried foods
  • men more often abuse with harmful habits – smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.

Interesting facts about men's health Allocation of the so-called risk groups allows conducting certain activities among these men whose purpose is to normalize the person’s way of living. Every man can change his lifestyle to strengthen one’s health and prolong life.

The risk group should include men who:

  • are obese
  • smoke
  • abuse with alcohol
  • suffer from hypercholesterolemia
  • don’t move a lot and do not go in for sports.

These men need to carry out preventive measures, because, as you know, the disease is easier to prevent than treat. Men who visit the doctor often will be able not to say goodbye to their hair and potency for longer, they will be able to defeat the intense appearance of wrinkles and the development of prostatitis – one of the most frequent diseases of the male reproductive system.

Principles of men’s health

Men’s health is forming from an intrauterine period. During pregnancy, a woman should avoid the influence of various damaging factors that may affect the subsequent health of her child. Care about the future man needs starts even before his birth as the damaging factors can be following ones:

  • infectious diseases
  • ionizing radiation
  • medications
  • various chemicals and others.

Elimination of these factors will keep the future child’s health strong. It is also very important to pay attention to the period of puberty when there are intensive hormonal changes in the body. At this time, the body can fail, which will manifest itself in later life, especially in the reproductive period. Intensive development of testosterone begins, which determines the formation of typical hair growth, voice timbre, and other masculine traits.


Testosterone is produced in the testicles and somewhat less in the adrenal glands. It determines the growth and development of muscle tissue, hair in typical places for men, timbre of voice, and sexual attraction. Scientists have proved that this hormone is connected with purposefulness, perseverance, courage, self-confidence, etc. Researchers have suggested that those men, who have achieved certain recognition in the profession, have become wealthy in material terms, have a normal content of this hormone. However, there is one unpleasant news – after 20 years, there is an annual decline in testosterone levels, which reaches critical values in 40-45 years. Therefore, men aged 40-45 years are recommended once a year to determine the content of testosterone in the blood.

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